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We are able to provide a large and diverse variety of wire harnesses to meet the needs of all major industrial sectors.
ISO 9001
TS 16949
QS 9000
ISO 14001
ISO 13485
RoHS Compliant on selected materials.
IMDS Compliant on selected products
Main Harness for Vehicle
- Passenger Cars, Motorbikes, Forklifts, Trucks, etc.
Consumer Entertainment Equipment
- TV, Audio Players, Game Equipment, etc.
Home Appliances
- White Goods, Cookers, Oven, etc.
Computer Peripherals & Office Automation
- USB Connection, PC, PABX, Printer, Copier, Scanner, etc.
Machinery / Equipment
- Medical Equipment, Sensor, Control box, Switchbox, Production Machines, etc.
- For Automotive –
Passenger Cars: Harness for control-unit (GPS unit, Power Window, Auto-door, Internal Lightings, External Lightings, Reverse Parking Sensor, etc.)
Motorbikes: Harness for Engines, Switch control units, Lightings, etc.
Forklift, Trucks, Industrial Vehicles: Vehicle Main Harnessing, Engines, Switch control units, Lightings, etc.
- For Home Entertainment Equipment -
Audio Device, Television – PDP, LCD TV, etc.
LVDS Cables Harnessing for LCD TV & PDP TV.
Audio / Video Plugs & Jacks, HDMI cable, Flat Cable, etc.
Harnesses and Cables for Games Equipment / Machines application
- For Home Appliances –
Washing Machines, Dryer, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Air-conditional, Cooker, Heating Devices, etc.
Harnesses for Control Units in all appliances and equipment.
USB Cables, Flexible Flat Cable (FFC), Data Transfer Cable, RF Cables, Network Connection, etc.