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We offer the best plastic products and services at cost competitive prices to our clients. With our comprehensive “ONE STOP SERVICE” concept, customers can enjoy the following services.
Design and Tooling fabrication.
Single and Double Injection Molding with machines ranging from 25-350 tons.
Multi-Component Molding with soft touch thermoplastic elastomer.
Secondary Processes (Lacquering, Ultrasonic/Vibration Welding, Hot Stamping, Laser Marking, Cubic Printing, Tampo Printing, EMI Shielding, In Mold Decoration, Water Based Painting)
Final Assembly
Double Molding
In the conventional double molding methods, shadows or gaps are apparent when the light is transmitted through the buttons. This has been an issue for double injection molders aiming to provide high quality letterings. Our technology effectively prevents light leakages, making high quality letterings without gaps or shadows a possibility!
Double Molding with Elastomer
Aesthetically looking and feeling soft while providing comfort, quality and value. These are the advantages that we can bring to your products with our technology in multi component molding with soft touch thermoplastic elastomer.
Water based Paint
This water based paint is an environmentally friendly paint that uses water to reduce conventional volatile organic solvents. It greatly improves product appearance and creates a soft feel, bringing sophistication to your products.
In-Mold Decoration
This is a high quality decoration technology applied in fields such as telecommunication equipment, automotive equipment, household appliances, and radio/TV. Using a heated stamping tool, films with patterns or characters can be printed on the plastic parts concurrently with the molding process. This process enables decoration of 3D parts or surfaces with convex or concave shapes. The end product will have an attractive glossy appearance.
HIGHLY SKILLED TOOLMAKERS: Our diligent and highly skilled toolmakers ensure best results within a short lead time.
ADVANCED MACHINERY: We are fully equipped with the most advanced machineries and equipment. Our CNC wire-cut machines and spark erosion machines, milling machines and machining center ensure a high capacity and quality production.