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June-1947 :
Established at current location with capital of JPY 195,000 to engage in sales of electrical insulation materials and rubber products for industrial use.
June-1947 :
Opened Osaka Sales Office.
April-1949 :
Opened Fukuoka Sales Office.
September-1956 :
Home office building completed.
March-1961 :
Opened Nagoya Sales Office.
June-1967 :
Held 20th anniversary ceremony.
March-1968 :
Opened Hamamatsu Sales Office.
May-1969 :
Opened Himeji Sales Office.
June-1971 :
Opened Sendai Sales Office.
September-1972 :
Opened KitaKanto Sales Office.
May-1973 :
Promoted Osaka Sales Office to branch status.
March-1974 :
Opened Shonan Sales Office.
August-1976 :
Promoted Nagoya Sales Office to branch status.
May-1977 :
Held 30th anniversary ceremony.
July-1980 :
Opened Oyama Sales Office.
January-1981 :
Opened Akita Sales Office.
June-1982 :
Opened Kariya Sales Office.
March-1985 :
Home Office new building completed.
March-1987 :
Held 40th anniversary ceremonies.
March-1989 :
Opened Yokohama Sales Office.
April-1989 :
Opened Tokyo and Hachioji Sales Offices.
September-1989 :
Established TOA E&I Singapore, Pte. Ltd.
January-1991 :
Established TOA E&I Taiwan, Co., Ltd.
January-1993 :
Established TOATECH Inc.
June-1993 :
Opened Shiga Sales Office.
February-1994 :
Established TOA E&I Hong Kong Co., Ltd.
March-1996 :
Acquired stocks of EIKO SEISAKUSHO.CO.,LTD and made it a subsidiary.
April-1997 :
Established Shanghai TOA Trading Co., Ltd.
November-1997 :
Held 50th anniversary ceremonies.
December-2000 :
Acquired ISO14001 authentication.
October-2001 :
Established TOA E&I (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
April-2003 :
Established TOA E&I Dalian Co., Ltd.
October-2003 :
Established TOA E&I Suzhou Co., Ltd.
November-2004 :
Established Shina Precision Co., Ltd.
November-2004 :
Established TOA E&I Europe GmbH.
July-2005 :
Acquired ISO9001 certification.
May-2006 :
Established TOA E&I America Inc.
March-2007 :
Established Shin-A Precision Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.
October-2007 :
Held 60th anniversary ceremonies.
December-2007 :
Established TOA E&I TIANJIN CO.,LTD.
February-2008 :
Established TOA E&I XIAMEN CO.,LTD.
March-2008 :
Opened Tukuba Sales Office.
May-2009 :
Opened TOA Technical Co.,Ltd. Sakai Office.
April-2010 :
Established TOA E&I DONG GUAN CO.,LTD.
July-2010 :
March-2013 :
July-2013 :
Changed the company name TOA E&I Singapore,Pte.Ltd. to TOA E&I International Pte.Ltd.