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(Transformer, Coils, Magnets, Ferrite Cores & RFID)
- Surface Mount Type
- Thru-hole Type
- Power Transformer
- High Voltage Transformer
- Common mode Transformer
- Electronic Transformer
Toroidal Coils
Choke Coils
Line Filters
Bead Core (Axial & Radial Taping)
Cylindrical Core (RH)
Toroidal Cores (T-Series)
Round Cable Suppression Core
EMI Suppression Core
Flat Cable Suppression Core
Balun & Wide Band Choke Core
Bobbin Core
Rod Core (R-Series)
Iron Powder Core
Standard single channel Type
Size: 65mm x 50mm
Interface: USB, RS-232C or UART
Channel: 1 ch
Antenna cable: 150mm
Small single channel Type
Size: 50mm x 25mm
Interface: RS-232C or UART
Channel: 1 ch
Antenna cable: 150mm
Standard multi channel Type
Size: 100mm x 50mm
Interface: USB or RS-232C
Channel: 2 ch- 8 ch
Antenna cable: 150mm
RFID Coil on Chip Tag
Memory capacity: 128 bytes, 1 kbytes, 2 kbytes, 4 kbytes
Size: 2.5mm x 2.5mm
Carrier Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Communication Protocol: Original (not based on ISO)
Operating distance: 1mm min.- 3mm max.
Write Protect: Each 64 bytes block
N Series neodymium magnets mainly composed of neodymium (Nd), iron (Fe) and boron (B), are the highest performing magnets of all rare earth magnets. As Nd is relatively abundant, the cost of all this material is also reasonable. Applications of Nd magnets are rapidly expanding since it is a notable rare earth magnet delivering both high performance and cost performance. Corrosion resistance, formerly considered to be a drawback, has been improved through surface processing optimized for each purpose. As a result, these magnets have become high performance magnets known to deliver optimal performance for diverse purposes.
Magnetic circuit component
The R Series of samarium (Sm) magnets provide better temperature properties than the N Series. It maintains stable and high- performance magnetic energy under harsh environments at high temperatures and opposed magnetic- fields. It is also readily gaining attention as the new material for optimum use in challenging environments such as out space.